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One person's junk is another person's treasure! :)

The American gals' haven for buying, selling & trading fabulously funky junk!

Funky Junk USA
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Are you a shopaholic female living in the USA?
Is your idea of a fun weekend going out
"bargain hunting" at thrift stores, yard sales,
flea markets or the local mall?
Do you sometimes buy things you do not end up
using, but hate to get rid of it out of guilt
for spending the money on it?
Wish you could get at least a little of that money back?
Perhaps you bought a new dvd or cd that you didn't really
care for after all...
or maybe you are looking for something in particular like
a designer handbag, but do not want to pay a fortune for it?
If you answered yes to any of these questions,
then this is the community for you!
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1.) You MUST be a female living in the USA to become a member. This is not anything personal against other countries or against men, it is simply a matter of affordability & safety. Postage fees to send items overseas are very high, and this community is dedicated to gals who are trying to make and save money, not spend a fortune to ship things. Women are generally more comfortable buying things from other women, so that is why this is a "females only" zone.

2.) When posting pictures of items to be sold or items you are looking for, please put them under a cut.

3.) Do not post your mailing info in the community. If you agree to purchase something from another member, please exchange information via private e-mail.

4.) Do not post anything obscene or offensive. We want this to be a happy place for our members.

5.) Drama will not be tolerated. No fighting, arguing, bickering, etc. Violators will be banned immediately.

6.) Buy/sell/trade responsibly. The maintainers of this community are not responsible for items not received, credit card fraud, bounced checks or any other problems involving sales. Pay for your items using a money order if possible, as this is usually the safest way to go. Do not send items until you have received payment. Use common sense. :)